Friday, January 13, 2012


There are no words, right? But I have some anyway! This is my backyard this afternoon; isn't it STUNNING?

Now, for the pre-weekend update:

-I got a new phone. With insurance. All my contacts are lost, so if I need to be texting you, send me one with your name. I did receive one today that said 'This is your phone. Don't drop me in the pool; I'll be good, I promise!' Very amusing, but not especially helpful in restoring my contacts.

-I just agreed to play Monopoly, God help me. I just hope I still have a stash of wine in the bathroom but I might have wiped it out the night I dropped my phone in the pool.

-Cliff Mass says snow over the weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!

-Many things are swirling around in my head, refusing to gel. A real post might be coming later but right now I am totally just sitting here continuing to type so I don't have to get up and play that loathsome soul-sucking game that's mocking me from the living room. At least it hasn't texted me yet.

And..... that's it for now, my friends! Have a good weekend!

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