Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Around

I just got done counting up the places we've crashed since we left Osan a couple of months ago. The grand total is nine. I know some of you guys can beat that handily, but probably not in this century, and FOR SURE you didn't have to bring six or eight stuffed frogs along to each stop. Unless you are all WAY weirder than I thought.

For your viewing pleasure, I have put up a few pictures of our latest, and so far, swankiest pad.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Search for Truth

We’ve been looking for a church lately. Sort of. We don’t know where we’re going to be living, and looking for a good church is really hard work so we don’t want to put in a lot of effort just yet. We always have a hard time- Lloyd and I are both picky but about different things. He likes an old-fashioned type church with hymns instead of contemporary music, and he likes for the building to LOOK like a church. He will not set foot in a metal-sided building that calls itself a church, no matter what. And no overhead video screens; he hates that. I have to have a nice peaceful-feeling place with no yelling and not too much of that ‘greet your neighbor’ crap. I like sermons that teach things about the context of the time and place. And I’m not a fan of fancy rituals, so an Episcopal church is out no matter how much fun their parties are. We agree on only two criteria: the pastor has to be sincere, and we won’t go to a church with a weird name, like ‘Holy Redemption Water of Life’. The warning words are ‘Redemption’, ‘Harvest’, ‘Blood’, ‘Life’ and ‘Water’. Just so you know, if you see any of the red flag words, and the church is in a metal-sided building, stay clear for sure: There are definitely snakes in there. Maybe even more than one kind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And of course, it has to have a good program for the kids. Usually we end up with a Baptist or United Methodist church.

Not wanting to try a bunch of new places, because I REALLY hate that, we have been going to the church we went to a long time ago when Lloyd was first stationed here. Some people love going to new churches and even do it for fun, but I loathe it. All that talking to new people who are ridiculously friendly, the not knowing when to sit and when to stand or where the bathroom is, and the worst of all: not having any idea when it’s going to be over. The old church is a pretty long drive, but the kids like it. Lloyd doesn’t like the music but I had no major complaints until this week. I know what to expect, the sermons are interesting, it’s always over on time and the part where you have to say good morning to your neighbor is mercifully short.

So, what’s the problem, right? It’s political. Twice during the service, I heard comments that were clearly meant to disparage any political views contrary to those of the church leadership. A Christian church is supposed to be for everyone, regardless of their political viewpoints. WWJD and all that. I lack the arrogance necessary to act like I know what God thinks, but I am snotty enough to put my opinion on my blog, so here goes: Taking a political position and ascribing it to God is like thinking he cares who wins the Super Bowl, or whether the cartoon is Tom and Jerry or Little Einsteins. GOD DOESN’T CARE, PEOPLE! He doesn’t care if you’re a capitalist or a socialist, a Libertarian, a Democrat or a Republican or anything in between. Capitalism and Democracy are no more sanctioned or directed by God than are the Dallas Cowboys. God doesn’t care about whatever puny systems we set up to govern ourselves. I guess Democracy and Capitalism are marginally better than some other systems that have come and gone, or that operate in other parts of the world, but they are nothing to write home about. We should be trying to create a system where there are no starving children or people dying because they can’t afford or don’t have access to medical care, and where millions of gallons of expensive poison don't destroy delicate and important ecosystems instead of trying to stamp out other ideas in the misguided name of God.

I can barely stop myself from going off on a tear about people who still think that our great white forefathers were destined by God to come to the new world and slaughter the natives in the name of manifest destiny, then exploit the natural resources and less fortunate labor pool in the name of a God-sanctioned political/economic system that fills their pockets. They were chosen by God to rule the world, didn’t you know? So anyone who thinks otherwise is going straight to Hades, and you better vote for the guy that’s going to cut the capital gains tax and those profit-cutting environmental and safety regulations, and then bomb the hell out of anyone who gets in their way, or else don’t come to their church anymore. OKAY BY ME! On second thought, maybe I should check out those nice Episcopalians again. I hear they have the best wine and they're generous with the portions.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I know, I know! I've been gone a lot. But now I'm back. We just got back from a family adventure to Eastern Washington. We stayed at the Sun Lakes Resort near Dry Falls, a spectacular spot to check out some of the most interesting geology on the planet. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely stop.

I can also highly recommend the small town of Ephrata. I'm not really sure what it's known for, but it has at least five thrift stores and two used bookstores right on the main drag. I got some awesome cowboy boots to replace the motorcycle boots I lost in the great Osan mold epidemic and some crystal glasses. Of course, I already have water stains on the boots and one of the glasses broke, but that just means I need to schedule another trip really soon.

And, I was really surprised to see the Wild Horse Wind Farm right off I-90. The turbines are HUGE, taller than the Statue of Liberty. They are still under construction and we saw several trucks hauling one superlong blade each. I used to drive that route a lot but I guess it's been ten years or so since I've been there and I had no idea the wind farm existed. It supplies power to 55,000 homes, isn't that great? I know some people think they're ugly but I thought it was gorgeous.

We are still working on figuring out what we're doing so I might be sporadic for a while. We're moving house sometime this week to another temporary location but are hoping we will have a real plan soon. We are getting a little weary of living out of suitcases but we are big fans of retirement; I don't want to scare anyone off. More soon, I have tons of deep thoughts to share!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Letter

I've trotted out another college-era letter. It's below in italics. It doesn't bother me that the letters written by random people ages ago are WAY more popular than my own original creative efforts. At all. Really. Not even the tiniest bit, so don't feel bad.

I have made minimal changes- just the names and I replaced a few letters with asterisks. The spelling and grammar errors are all intact. I think it gives it a more authentic feel, don't you? And, just so you know, the Dopey letter was also unedited. Despite his pot-smoking ways, Dopey made not a single mistake in any of his letters.

Dear Anna,

How are you doing? Today is Kelly's birthday. Yeah. Here's my new address:

Mega Polo Nu
Pullman, WA 99163

Well I'm meeting alot of guys for you. So I definetly think you should go here next semester. We could get a apartment because I'd like to be a live-out from the Polo's just to have a little more privacy. I'm going home tommorrow for surgery. I sure hope they don't put me in a cast. How's your finger? eh. Give me a call or write.

Classes here are really f***ing a** hard. It was funny I went over to Dylans house today to get some money they owe me and semester grades just came out today (I didn't get any grades because if you have 30 credits or more they don't send you grades) anyways Dylan, Brendan, Steve and Steve said Jake got below a 2.00 G.P.A. But when I asked Jake how classes were going he said he was getting 3-B's and 2-C's. I can't believe the guy would lie about that what a dick!!

Oh I wrote Beavis a letter tonight telling him about all the different good looking chicks I've been dating so when you write him you'll have to back up my story. My roomates are pretty cool there names are Millhouse and Bart. Bart is our school's mascot he's the Coug!!

Well, I'll talk to you later write me back. I want to come up and see you. I will if I stay over the weekend. Call me I'll be at home. This weekend or in the hospital.

Love your friend