Monday, February 27, 2012


So, how was YOUR day? I am getting mixed reports from all my friends. One reports that her teenager locked his keys in his running car for the second day in a row, her dog chewed up her phone, and her own car wouldn't start. Another friend, on the other hand, enjoyed a close-up view of a bunch of otters playing in the wild.

As for me, hmmmmmm......... my day at work had its usual ups and downs. Trust me, you don't want to hear about them. When I got home, I discovered that Weston can multiply two three digit numbers together and Shane can do front walkovers. Then I had to go to the dreaded swimming lessons, followed by a stop at the store for wine and various other necessities. Sadly, my shopping skills were severely degraded because I was doing what I like to call multi-tasking but what you might call gossiping or chitchatting. In fact, I was busily receiving the all-important daily reports about poodles and otters from my pals and as a result I neglected to bring home the most important bag: the one with the wine and breakfasting supplies for my two small children. One can't go without wine, now can one? Well, maybe another one can, but not this one. In any case, I had to trek back to the store, most definitely a forkable moment.

Oh, wait, I bet you don't know about the fork rating system yet. You will, though, because everyone definitely needs to read about it. It was invented by Leah, one of my most stunning, brilliant and funny friends from Korea. She is writing a new guest blog at, so please go check it out; you won't be sorry! Comments would be greatly appreciated, so let her know what you think. Maybe even share your own fork story! She also has some fantastic advice for when your friends are having those fork-worthy days. It might surprise you, or not, to know that she highly recommends chocolates and margaritas. You can adapt her system to your own needs, though. For example, say your friend goes shopping and accidentally leaves her wine at the store. I'm pretty sure you know how to help her. Want to come over?? Please? And don't forget the chocolates! Good night, my friends, I hope your day was great, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna! Forgetting the wine is definitely at least 3 forks because wine is generally at least one half of what you need to salve the situation and if you don't have it, what then? Seriously, keep your mind in the game while shopping for necessities. No, seriously--you are a gem, thanks again!

Lauren said...

Mine was somewhere between a 1 and two fork day. I slept in my necklace, two nights ago. It tangled all over my neck. I am still tangeld in it because I do not live close to any friends and Cory is TDY. And I am afraid of what the neighbors will say when I knock at their door and ask them to help untangle it. They will have to be centimeters from my face for several minutes....and I don't know them very well...I couldn't go to the jewelry store yesterday because the one in town was closed and with school pickups, I didn't have time to drive out of town. I could try and go today (since it is STILL TANGLED) But I have all 3 kids home today. What do you think they are going to do in a jewelry store while some poor schmoe has to try and untangle me? We'll be lucky if I come out of there not in handcuffs I suspect.......I need margaritas....and chocolate.