Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cat Therapy

You guys all know my cat, Henry, right? If you need to, you can refresh your memory by clicking here. He's sort of an unusual cat- he has the most magnificent tail, and he drinks out of the toilet, just to name a few of his finer qualities.

We got him at a shelter, and Lloyd was pretty cross about paying $130 for a used cat. We looked hard for a free cat, but they were surprisingly hard to find. They all have a 'rehoming' fee: what a scam. It's outrageous, I tell you! We would have held out in protest but we had promised Weston he could have a cat as soon as we moved into our new house so we trotted right down to the local cat adoption center. There were at least a zillion cats there, but Weston walked straight up to Henry's cage and wanted to take him home then and there. I made him look around at all the others but he kept going back to Henry, so we knew he was meant to be our cat.

But now, I'm a little concerned about him. I think he might need therapy, because he can't seem to set appropriate boundaries. Take a look at the pictures; you'll see what I mean. They're probably not in the right order- that would take a million monkeys working in blogger for a hundred years, but I'm sure you can put it together. The boys invented a new game, called 'Garbage Truck', and here's how it works:

1. Put Henry in a laundry basket (aka 'the garbage truck')

2. Dump a bunch of toys and books on top of him to simulate additional garbage

3. Drive the 'garbage truck' to the 'garbage dump'

4. Dump the load onto the floor

You would think that Henry wouldn't care for this, but in fact he just sits there and lets them do it. And not just once. They do it over, and over, and over. That's not the only questionable game they play with him, either, and so far they've only discovered one activity he won't tolerate. He doesn't mind being pushed around in a bin, as long as it's upright. But apparently, if they turn it upside down with him inside and THEN push it around, he makes his displeasure known.

I'm pretty sure this is not normal cat behavior. I've had a lot of cats, you know. You can read about all of them in this little essay called 'My Life in Cats'. My point here is that I'm not some kind of cat ROOKIE or something, and never before have I had a cat that needed mental health care. I thought this might require a professional, so I found him a good therapist: Carole Wilbourn. She even does Reiki, but unfortunately Lloyd refuses to pony up the cash to fly Henry to New York to see her, the stingewad.

But don't worry: I have a plan B. I figure the cure for my mental health issues should work fine for Henry, too, so I'm going to dump wine into the toilet tanks! Genius, right? Well, that's it for now. If you need me I'll be in the bathroom with a straw.


Paradise Princess Creations said...

What a great cat! Now that we know the source of my itchy skin and I am on enough allergy meds to fell a football team, we are thinking about letting the boys have a dog when we move. Mark and I are afraid a cat would not survive the Thresher Tribe!

Thanks for the chuckle today!

C Mike said...

Hmmm....after re-reading "My Life in Cats" I feel compelled to'splain myself a bit. It is true that in the era Anna writes about - many, many years ago when she was a youth - the role of a proper patriarch included being both savior of and, err... disposition administrator for various critters. I performed that role in businesslike, if sometimes secretive manner. Several disappearances that have been attributed to me by implication, however, were not my doing. For example , "Katie", (pissed off when we brought Jennifer's "Peek" home) immediately left via the back door to live with the neighbors. He was a truly handsome fellow and was welcomed by them and lived there for several more years, never once returning to our house.

Oh, and the exact origin of the ever popular "Silly Billy" must always remain a mystery I'm afraid 'cuz I truly cannot remember which of my Tuesday Night Hike companions took advantage of my "state" and foisted her on me. I think she hailed from somewhere around Issaquah, Washington, however.

These are my stories and I'm sticking to them! cmike