Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paranoia and Mouse Turds

As much as I like to carefully craft tightly knit, suspenseful narratives full of humorous anecdotes that end with clever points, today I have a steaming pile of random updates:

1. I spilled black Korean rice all over the kitchen. It looks exactly like mouse poop. I know this because I used to have a mouse in my van. I might still have a mouse in my van. I don't know, and I don't care.

2. Speaking of mice, Henry carried a live one into the house this morning to play with it. Fortunately, I was gone to work. Unfortunately, Lloyd told me all about it. And took a picture.

3. I am rethinking my position on paranoia. I used to think paranoid people were insane and ridiculous and now I think they just know more than the rest of us. Someone at work is stealing my notebooks. The third one disappeared today. You might think it's not just a strange coincidence that the nuttier I get, the more notebooks that disappear from my desk but you would be wrong. I'm definitely getting a fresh new one in the morning and I'm going to write 'GIVE ME BACK MY NOTEBOOKS, YOU CRAZY BASTARD!' That should do it, don't you think?

4. I made a cake today. It's pretty good, AND I have a baking tip for you: granulated sugar half turned to powdered sugar in the blender will not make a nice buttercream frosting, but the kids will happily eat it with spoons. Also, hot, half-powdered sugar will stick in the bottom of the blender and stink.

5. Speaking of steaming piles, if you let your kid bring worms into the house, it's best if you insist on a lid.


C Mike said... sounds like mouse poop, like elk poop, even while TASTING like mouse poop can still be good.

Helen said...

As long as you didn't let the mouse poop in the black rice and then scoop it back in to the container, you'll be fine. I am intrigued by the theft of office supplies though....

Lisa said...

Glad you missed the mouse in the house but Henry looks rather pleased with himself;o)