Monday, March 14, 2011


Happy Daylight Savings Time! I woke up this morning and wobbled down the hallway like a drunken goat. What, you never saw a drunken goat? You totally should; they are HILARIOUS. Usually, I can nimbly pick my way through the hallway for coffee, but today I almost went down face first in the giant pile of transformer underwear that seems to always be there, no matter what I do.

Seriously, I was almost delirious from getting up in the middle of the night. I think they should change the time ten minutes a day for six days. Well, that’s not quite true: I think they shouldn’t change the time at all; it seems pretty stupid to me. It’s not as if we are ACTUALLY getting more light, now is it? But if they insist on doing it, they should do it my way and spread the torture out. They never listen to me, though. I don’t know why; I’m happy to share my opinion any time. Call me!

I finally pulled it together and made it to work on time. Since I get in early, I took advantage of the opportunity to change all the clocks in the building match my watch. Brilliant, yes? I was feeling VERY satisfied deep down inside, until I realized my socks didn’t match.

Oh, sure, I know we were supposed to start DST on Sunday morning, and so I should have been more with it on Monday. I mean, NOW I know. It would have been nice to know on Sunday, when we invited a whole passel of people over. Lloyd’s birthday party was at 1, and I was quite cross when the whole gang showed up at 11:57. I made them finish cleaning up while I took a shower. I now realize that they were extremely punctual and I was very rude. But hey, oh well- free vacuuming! At least we didn’t try to go to church; that would have been VERY embarrassing, and I could do without any more church humiliation, thanks.

And, as you know, clock changing time is when you’re supposed to do all those semi-annual chores: change the batteries in your smoke detectors, update/rotate your emergency kit, and clean your bathrooms. Also in that vein, it’s flood awareness week, so be prepared, people!

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