Saturday, March 5, 2011

FINALLY, having a pilot in the house pays off!

Oh, sure, I'm used to all the regular perks of having a pilot in the house. The protracted eye-glazing explanations of closure rates and lag time, the 90 lb bags of boring ass books laying around, the endless hand waving, and the regular assurance that the pilot has everything under control, even if he can't find his own underwear or the ketchup that's right in front of his face.

But today it finally paid off, for real. We flew to Friday Harbor for lunch at a lovely seaside restaurant. Of course, I generally despise flying in small airplanes, and had to get loaded on tranquilizers first. Lloyd let each of the boys control the wheel for a little while as they sat in the front seat, kicking their feet at a panel of innumerable switches, any of which could immediately plunge us into an icy Puget Sound death. Once the horse pills kicked in and the terror was ratcheted down a notch, it was a super trip. Here's a few pictures:

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