Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Government is Not Your Mother

I try to be a nice person, really I do.When people appear to be doing super moronic things, I try to remind myself that it is remotely possible that I don't completely understand all the circumstances surrounding what looks like sheer idiocy and that if I did, perhaps the idiocy would make perfect sense. Just the other day, for an example, I was at the thrift store when a woman went into a dressing room with a baby strapped into a car seat and a giant pile of clothes.

About thirty seconds later, the baby started screaming, then howling. Ceaselessly. The aisles outside the dressing room were full of judgypants talking about her mothering skills and what she should be doing instead. I thought to myself, perhaps that woman isn't as stupid as it sounds like she is. Maybe she hasn't been able to get to the thrift store for MONTHS and today is the only day she can go and maybe all her other clothes besides the ones she walked in here in are in tatters! Or maybe she is deaf and can't hear that baby bellowing at 500 decibels. Also, I tried to imagine what might make those people outside the dressing room act like such nasty, superior know-it-alls. Perhaps they don't like the way their own kids turned out. I think that's pretty likely, because they were all old ladies, as is so often the case in situations like this. Maybe they just don't remember how endlessly trying small babies can be when you are trying to do just one single simple thing. Compassion is my middle name!

So, I don't think I'm being overly harsh when I need to vent about how dumb some people are. As you know, there are some serious problems right now with flooding in the midwest and the aftermath of some extremely brutal tornadoes in the south. Now, everyone knows that if they live in a place where there is a potential for floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, widescale power outage, drought, disruption of rail, roads, ports or water supply, they should have an emergency kit, right? And that is EVERYONE, that lives ANYWHERE ON THE ENTIRE EARTH. EVERYBODY, DO YOU HEAR ME? Everybody needs an emergency kit. There are many, many places where you can look to get ideas about what you need. But here are some things that should be total no-brainers: food, water, first aid items, any prescription medicines or other needed medical supplies, and cash.

Seriously, how misguided would someone have to be to NOT have these things? Oh, and how about INSURANCE? Everybody with any kind of functioning brain should know that they need to be prepared for emergency situations, because guess what? THEY ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Do people thing the government is going to help them? That is pretty hilarious, because my office doesn't even have money for printer paper, and it gets worse every day. No one wants to pay taxes to fund anything and then they whine like babies when the government is not there to bail them out. Well, plus DC wasted all its money bailing out Wall Street and Detroit, because it loves corporations and hates people, but that is immaterial at the present time and also it makes me VERY ANGRY and I am already having the worst Mother's Day ever, so I'll just go on with my point, shall I?

My point is that we must take responsibility for ourselves, which appears to be a novel concept to some folks. Below are some actual published comments from people affected by flooding and tornadoes. Certainly, these people are facing some problems, but if they'd done a little preparation, they would have much better things to do than annoy me on the computer, and we would all be MUCH happier. So please, I am BEGGING you, do not become one of these people. For the love of God, if you are diabetic and need blood test strips, HAVE SOME IN YOUR KIT! Have your own damn water, canned food and snacks. Is it that hard? If you do not have an emergency kit and plan, get one. RIGHT NOW. The end.

1. (facebook comment responding to a post with information about availability of medical supplies) now its posted after my wife almost went into a coma from her sugar because I could,nt find any test strips

2. (facebook comment) What is being done for Northern Alabama? My family is is a warzone like area on Sand Mtn and they have no communication. How are they being helped? Where is their relief aid?

3. (facebook post and reply)

From Tide: There has been a slight change in the location for Loads of Hope. We will begin washing TOMORROW MORNING @8am at University Mall 1701 McFarland Blvd East Tuscaloosa, AL 35404. Our plan is to be here until at least May 12, 2011 – loads are limited to two per family per day. Please share this post and help spread the word.


(comment from the biggest moron on the face of the planet) WHAT?!!! limit 2 per family!! The Government needs to do better then that to help the people and community and Volunteers their should be a unlimited supplies!!! This is why I hate the government they say the are prepared now when a disaster strikes LMFAO their are not so prepared Step to it!!!

4. (newspaper article) Michalle Treadaway, who has been staying in her home even though part of the roof was torn off and the foundation was damaged, said she hasn't gotten much help from FEMA yet. When she called to report her damage because she had no insurance, she said the person she spoke to couldn't give her an idea of what to do next.

In the meantime, she has relied on the volunteers in town, who come by in cars, golf carts, ATVs and on foot several times an hour to offer her cold water, canned food and snacks.

"I'm worried when they go away, there will be nothing," Treadaway said.


Jennifer McNeely said...

YES!! PLease do it! and if you don't want to fine, just quit saying "well, i know where I am going, cause you're so prepared," guess what? Not welcome.
I did my work, ala Little Red Hen and I will eat it myself,

Jennifer McNeely said...

OK, Im not exactly that bitchy, I d probably share my last diaper (dig at unknown couple withholding precious spare diaper at Houston airport while stranded for 12 hours)
Anyway, I agree its time for all to take responsibility for ourselves, not more entitlements, people. Get it together and do a kit!!!

Amanda Evans said...

Wow, what IDIOTS! That's insane!!!