Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm back! Did you miss me? Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?? Oh, good! Hi, Helen! Oh, great, there's Janelle and Lauren and Pam, too! Sweet! You guys want to see my vacation pictures? Hey! Where are you going?? Come back here right now! And you have to listen to my boring story, too.

So! We went to Sun Lakes Resort in eastern Washington. The weather was fantastic, after a brutally cold and wet spring here in western Washington. We went at almost the exact same time last year, which you can read about here. There is excellent geology there- channeled scablands from the Glacial Lake Missoula Flood, and miles and miles of Columbia River Basalt. There are marmots galore, and plenty of fish.

Also, there was a redneck wedding in the cabin next to us- I swear, there was a pregnant bride, loud nasally country music way into the night, a bunch of buck-toothed kids in overalls AND a fat guy on a Harley. Oh, and there was THE most monstrous child ever in the swimming pool. And not mine this time! You know how super fair-skinned red-haired people are either attractive (Damian Lewis) or hideous (Carrot Top)? This kid was of the ugly variety, and here is why I hate him:

1. He came up to us the second we got in the pool and demanded we give him our noodles RIGHT NOW;

2. He spit a mouthful of water on me and announced that he didn't like me; and

3. He screamed loudly that his mother wasn't there and no one was watching him.

Is it wrong to call a little kid an asshole? I think I might know why his mother left him alone in the swimming pool. Unless of course he is a lying little asshole and she was just pretending not to know him.

And, on a final note, you can thank Lloyd for the pictures- the camera battery went dead so he went all MacGyver and hooked up the camera batteries to the car battery with a wire coat hanger and charged them up good. You can see instructions for a similar effort here, just in case you're stuck in the wilderness with a dead iphone and need to get on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Of course I'm here - what else would I be reading while the kiddos are in school?! Love the vacation photos and love the asshole kid story. I also had the pleasure of one of those in the baby pool the other day. He was literally sitting on us and spitting on us while his parents were busy socializing on the sidelines. Time to get out of Planet Osan I feel!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really anonymous, I'm Pam and I'm outta here in 40 days!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, woman after my own heart!

"This kid was of the ugly variety, and here is why I hate him:"

We should definitely be neighbors someday. :D

Also, I am mystified by the whole car battery-charging-regular-batteries thing :D Too funny :D

So, do you live in Washington now???