Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Boss, and Other Tales

Shane: I'm the boss of you, and you're the boss of me.
Weston: What? What does that mean?
Shane: I said, I'm the boss of you, and you're the boss of me.
Weston: Okay, get me some water.
Shane: No.
Weston: But I'm the boss of you, so get me some water.
Shane: No. I'm the boss of you. You get ME some water.
Weston: No.
Shane: I'm NEVER going to get anything for you, EVER!
Weston: I'm going to get my own water, and NONE for you!
Shane: Okay. Let's play robots!
Weston: Okay.

I hope you have all had a pleasant week and a great weekend. I know it has been blazing hot all over the place but here in the Pacific Northwest the weather has been fantastic. We have been picking raspberries, and Lloyd and the boys have been fishing and crabbing like crazy. The garden is growing nicely now after a slow start from a cold and wet spring and early summer. We finally have some green tomatoes and will have some broccoli and zucchini to pick in the next few days.

In bummer news, one of the pilots we knew in Korea has died, leaving a wife and three children. A memorial fund for the kids has been set up, and you can find information about donating by clicking here. I did not know Paul well, but he was a nice guy with a lovely family who always had a smile on his face, and he will be missed by his entire Air Force family.

And that is my Sunday evening report. I have elaborate plans for scintillating posts in the near future. Ta-ta for now!

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Amanda Evans said...

Ahhh....robots! Playing robots is the ultimate argument solver!!! :-)