Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outrage of the Day: Kid Version

I don't know about you guys, but I find PLENTY of things to be outraged about. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today, for example, if I was going to make a list, it would have Iowa, Rupert Murdoch and Andy Scott on it. Just for starters. But that is all very dreary and would probably give me bad dreams. I had a creepy dream last night about some sort of nasty Cujo-like creature, and I don't relish waking up in a cold sweat two nights in a row. So I thought I'd do a junior version of the outrage of the day. Behold, my entries for today:

1. Approximately five bucks worth of organic gluten free oatmeal, generously furnishing a lavish home for potato bugs.

2. A vast array of flashlights in formerly perfect condition. Not one of them will switch on, and two are missing parts. It's like a flashlight boneyard in my kitchen, and the sad fact is, that is every single one of our emergency lights. If the earthquake comes before I can get some new ones I'll have to light my fingers on fire so I can find my wine. Outrageous!

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