Friday, March 19, 2010


Look how fancy I am! LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!!!!!! It's my very own BOOK! Well, it's not a REAL book, of course, like Monica and Alexa have. But it's cool enough to make me think that maybe, perhaps, possibly, I could have a real book one day too. After all, I did enough writing to fill a 438 page book, see? SEE?

I got it from Blurb and they automatically slurped up every single Story from Korea and put them all into a slick and glossy book. They really liked it and said I was a fine author and they would be pleased to publish my fantastic book. Oh, and also I gave them approximately one hundred dollars worth of Lloyd's hard-earned money.

It was super easy and took less than an hour, and I definitely recommend it to all my bloggy friends. If I had a little more patience I could have really cleaned it up nice. But then, if I had a little more patience, maybe I would be writing an actual book for which I might get paid and which might be read by other people, now mightn't I? I mean, if I had a little more patience and also constructed proper sentences with the appropriate number of dependent clauses. But guess what? My new pals at Blurb don't give a rat's ass about my badly structured sentences, and neither do I. Because.... SEE MY ENORMOUS BOOK??!?!?!!??!?! None of that boring patience and hard work foolishness for me, so take that, all you fancy real book writing blog people. Oh, but if you don't mind, put in a good word for me with your... what do you call them? Editors? Yeah, yeah, that's it. Editors! I'm not really sure what they do or nothing but it seems like you gotta get some of that editing stuff. Not that I care, you know, but Lloyd says we can't afford any more of my books.

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Amanda Evans said...

That's awesome they made it into a book! SWEET~! Did you get the hard cover? Oh, and I blogged about the cat in my trunk! Just for you!