Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deja Cat

You know how once you notice something, or think it up, all of a sudden whatever it is is EVERYWHERE? Like when you're looking for a baby name and you come up with the most beautiful, perfect, unusual name ever and then you find out that everyone in the free world just named her kid that? Or say you are considering a certain car or wall color or coat or purse or stroller and suddenly you see YOUR car or color or coat or purse or stroller every time you turn around. Tres irritating, right?

As it turns out, this strange phenomena also applies to dead cats. There's probably even a fancy name for it that I could find if I was a better Googler but I'm just going to call it deja cat. I suppose someone has already thought of that, too. Anyway, here I thought I was all clever and unique to name my blog after a dead cat and now the universe is mocking me. First comes Amanda with her real-live actual dead cat story. Then, I picked up this Thomas Lynch book that contained an essay called Y2Kat, which is about you guessed it, a dead cat. Well, not exactly, but I don't want to ruin it for you, because you really need to read it.

No sooner had I finished marveling over the most recent strange dead cat coincidence, I was browsing the book section at a dingy little Goodwill and found this little gem called '101 Uses for a Dead Cat'. I highly recommend it; it is hilarious, as well as thought provoking. Check out the Amazon reviews for a laugh or two. Apparently, some people find cartoons about expired felines offensive! And they don't hesitate to share their thoughts, fortunately for the rest of us. Finally, while I'm on the topic of great ideas for any dead cats you might have around the house or in your purse, read The Bloggess' to learn about her brilliant invention called Kitten Mittens.

Don't you think deja cat is freakishly weird? Though presumably one could make a solid point that if one were to waste enough time on the internet and/or at the thrift store, one might find all manner of dead cat related items, hmmmm? I guess the moral of this story is that once again, there is nothing new under the sun and someone else has already taken all the good dead cat ideas. Meeeeooooow.

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Lauren said...

I loved the kitten mittens a few months back... Totally have wanted some ever since!