Friday, May 21, 2010


I know, I know! I've been gone a lot. But now I'm back. We just got back from a family adventure to Eastern Washington. We stayed at the Sun Lakes Resort near Dry Falls, a spectacular spot to check out some of the most interesting geology on the planet. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely stop.

I can also highly recommend the small town of Ephrata. I'm not really sure what it's known for, but it has at least five thrift stores and two used bookstores right on the main drag. I got some awesome cowboy boots to replace the motorcycle boots I lost in the great Osan mold epidemic and some crystal glasses. Of course, I already have water stains on the boots and one of the glasses broke, but that just means I need to schedule another trip really soon.

And, I was really surprised to see the Wild Horse Wind Farm right off I-90. The turbines are HUGE, taller than the Statue of Liberty. They are still under construction and we saw several trucks hauling one superlong blade each. I used to drive that route a lot but I guess it's been ten years or so since I've been there and I had no idea the wind farm existed. It supplies power to 55,000 homes, isn't that great? I know some people think they're ugly but I thought it was gorgeous.

We are still working on figuring out what we're doing so I might be sporadic for a while. We're moving house sometime this week to another temporary location but are hoping we will have a real plan soon. We are getting a little weary of living out of suitcases but we are big fans of retirement; I don't want to scare anyone off. More soon, I have tons of deep thoughts to share!


Cara said...

Ephrata is pretty much there for 2 reasons. A very interesting mineral lake and the Grand Coolee dam.


Amanda Evans said...

BTW, Parker makes that same face. He looks up with his eyes to the side, usually upset about something. It is funny!