Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Around

I just got done counting up the places we've crashed since we left Osan a couple of months ago. The grand total is nine. I know some of you guys can beat that handily, but probably not in this century, and FOR SURE you didn't have to bring six or eight stuffed frogs along to each stop. Unless you are all WAY weirder than I thought.

For your viewing pleasure, I have put up a few pictures of our latest, and so far, swankiest pad.


Helen said...

Not bad. Do they charge you extra for the rug rats and unemployed pilot?

Anna said...

The unemployed pilot would have you know, Helen, that he in fact has a prestigious job flight instructing fat software engineers and spoiled highschoolers at the local airport for a princely salary.

Helen said...

Um, yeah. I, uh, stand assertively corrected.