Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Letter

I've trotted out another college-era letter. It's below in italics. It doesn't bother me that the letters written by random people ages ago are WAY more popular than my own original creative efforts. At all. Really. Not even the tiniest bit, so don't feel bad.

I have made minimal changes- just the names and I replaced a few letters with asterisks. The spelling and grammar errors are all intact. I think it gives it a more authentic feel, don't you? And, just so you know, the Dopey letter was also unedited. Despite his pot-smoking ways, Dopey made not a single mistake in any of his letters.

Dear Anna,

How are you doing? Today is Kelly's birthday. Yeah. Here's my new address:

Mega Polo Nu
Pullman, WA 99163

Well I'm meeting alot of guys for you. So I definetly think you should go here next semester. We could get a apartment because I'd like to be a live-out from the Polo's just to have a little more privacy. I'm going home tommorrow for surgery. I sure hope they don't put me in a cast. How's your finger? eh. Give me a call or write.

Classes here are really f***ing a** hard. It was funny I went over to Dylans house today to get some money they owe me and semester grades just came out today (I didn't get any grades because if you have 30 credits or more they don't send you grades) anyways Dylan, Brendan, Steve and Steve said Jake got below a 2.00 G.P.A. But when I asked Jake how classes were going he said he was getting 3-B's and 2-C's. I can't believe the guy would lie about that what a dick!!

Oh I wrote Beavis a letter tonight telling him about all the different good looking chicks I've been dating so when you write him you'll have to back up my story. My roomates are pretty cool there names are Millhouse and Bart. Bart is our school's mascot he's the Coug!!

Well, I'll talk to you later write me back. I want to come up and see you. I will if I stay over the weekend. Call me I'll be at home. This weekend or in the hospital.

Love your friend



Helen said...

I don't believe this is a real letter. I want you to scan it...none of this retyping s*&t.

C Mike said...

Helen might have it right. There MAY be one, but as soon as Anna realized there was peppy interest where there had been anemia before "letters" began popping up all over the house. Obviously she, smarting from incompletely requited bloggy effort and,as always, craving approval seemingly has decided to create a supply for the demand. On the other hand, knowing some of the ummm...personalities she used to run around with it IS possible she's not making this stuff up.

Helen said...

Well, that and the personalities she still hangs around....

I think it's funny that there are two common themes...1. opinions about your schooling and 2. everyone wants to "hook you up"...