Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things that annoy me

You know what annoys me? When people put up long detailed rants about what annoys them on their blogs: BORING. The only thing more dreary is listening to someone else's long detailed description of a dream. My dreams, of course, are another story entirely. I just had a really fascinating one about my sister's purse, for example. It must have been defective, though, because there was no dead cat in there.

But I find myself in a decidedly cross sort of place right now, what with not knowing what we're going to be doing about, ummm, anything, and I find myself VERY crochety with a sudden urge to catalog my vexations. And since this is my blog and I can bore you if I want to, here are two from today:

1. The local school district. You may know that I have no intention of sending my kids to school. I have always thought that I am more than capable of screwing them up adequately without any government interference, and so I intend to do exactly that. But my sister doesn't have as much confidence in herself and plans to send one of her kids to kindergarten this fall. So, fine. Except that the school district offers only all day kindergarten at their local elementary, but only has the budget for half-day classes. Their solution to this problem is to CHARGE TUITION to the tune of hundreds of dollars per month. HELLO! How can they even do that?!?!?!?

2. Department of Revenue, State of Louisiana. I am not a fan of Louisiana. This is probably not much of a secret. Every year I have to fill out a Louisiana tax return because unfortunately, we still have a house there and have some paltry rental income with a Louisiana source. You might not know that because Louisiana, unlike the rest of the country, has a bunch of weird laws based on the Napoleanic Code, rendering tax software or other do-it-yourself legal software impossible to use there. As a result I have to fill out there stupid six page form by hand and then re-copy it so it's neat. What am I? In third grade? Or in 1976? Anyway, I got a letter from those clowns that says I miscalculated and that they have corrected our return and surprise! I owe them more money. Their new calculations reduced our net Louisiana income by one dollar. Somehow, in Cajunomics, this translates to an increased tax in the amount of eight dollars. HELLO! How can they even do that?!?!?!?

Wankers! They are all wankers! But now I feel a little better, so ta-ta for now.


Jennifer McNeely said...

GO ANNA! You tell those Effers!
Guess the RODIE is working..

The Martin Family said...

Ok really, both things are stupid, and you have every right to be irritated, and rant about it.

Helen said...

Wow, makes my problems seem less irritating. I think. Unreal. Goon-atics Unleashed!

Lauren said...

So glad i can accomodate and bore the heck out of you every now and then...maybe you're inspired "What grinds my gears part II" :)