Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Again

Wow, it's Halloween again. Last year at this time we were having a party at Hallasan Tower with our friends, and trying to perfect a treat-dispensing funnelator, because getting up to answer the door was cutting into our drinking time. This year, our friends are in Alabama, California, Virginia and Florida. Some of them have a new baby and others have one on the way. We moved halfway across the world, and oh yeah, my mother's dead. Crazy.

Funny, I thought I had a lot more to say, but I guess not so much. Happy Halloween, my friends! Eat plenty of candy, and don't trouble yourselves about poisoned treats. Just so you know, there has never been a documented case of halloween candy poisoning by a stranger. Click here to read an article about it. You should still stay away from those homemade popcorn balls, though, because those things are GROSS.

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Lauren said...

Brings back such fond memories! I thought of y'all too as I was drinking my Blue Moon alone with Tinkerbell, handing out candy on the driveway. And you want to see scary? Breastfeed tinkerbell while handing out the candy. Parents will push their children along completely skipping your house! MORE. CANDY. FOR. ME!