Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Quakiversary!

You might not know this, but today is the 10th anniversary of the Nisqually Earthquake. This would be an excellent time to make sure you're prepared. I know you have plenty of Skittles and wine. If not, don't bother coming to camp out on my trampoline. But one thing you might not have considered for your earthquake kit is extra husbands. As you probably do know, I work for an employer that is sometimes concerned with emergency management. We have staff meetings every Monday, which are usually EXTREMELY torturous. Today, though, our staff meeting was the best EVER, and it was suggested that extra husbands could come in very handy for certain things. So you might want to try it. Just an idea. Or maybe just do a trade-in, whichever.

A few other quick items to note, mostly because having pictures of my dead cat at the top of my dead cat blog is just too, too depressing:

-In coming attractions, a trip report and hare-brained scheme from my recent trip to Vegas with the fantastic Helen; and

-In the book department, I cannot recommend 'Walter the Farting Dog', because drawings of Walter, when he was extra rotund and distended with gas, reminded Shane that I have a humungous tummy, so clearly this book sucks, and probably the endless sequels are equally revolting.

-In other book news, I can definitely recommend 'Paradise Built in Hell' by Rebecca Solnit. It is fascinating, and you should read it. Also, it will inspire you to buy more wine and Skittles, and then I will inspire you to come to my house.

Happy Quakiversary!


Lauren said...

I can't wait to read about your Vegas trip! And I'm so sorry about poor Henry. That is so sad. Are the boys doing okay with it?

ps, do you put your skittles in your wine? Like putting a jolly rancher in your zima?

Helen said...

Farting Dog book. Got it. Not sure how I feel about it.

I've started saving for next year already. (I got a Vegas money box at the airport.)