Thursday, June 2, 2011


Some entertaining things I have been reading that I need to share-

1. this article about male lactation. Apparently, this can be successful and is routinely practiced in some parts of the world. Think of the possibilities, people!

2. a hilarious lost cat saga, sent to me by my brother-on-law after we inadvertently became a naive family of poodle rescuers. This story is coming soon to a blog near you.

3. the best ad EVER on craigslist: Hello, the other day i lost my black backpack which contained 5 steel reserves, a realistic old man mask, an 8th of weed, and a rasta colored bong, if you found it, all i want is the mask and bong back, you can keep the weed and beer. I lost it in magnolia near 27th street, thanks

I just really, really want to know what the mask is for. So much so that I might respond to the ad in an effort to find out.

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Paradise Princess Creations said...

Hahahahahaha! Omgosh Anna, you have made me roll on the floor. First of all, if you do respond to the ad, please take some protection. He probably uses the mask to steal money and beer to buy weed!

Lactating men! God help us all if you expect them to help out with that.

Poodle rescue??? Does this mean you have a dog?