Wednesday, August 3, 2011


***updated to say: Look at these fantastic vacation pictures! My extremely clever brother-in-law, Stefan, took them with his iphone. Can you believe that? He even had it inside a ziploc bag, what is up with that?!?!?! If I put my phone inside a bag I probably couldn't even use it to swat flies, and here he can take pictures I'd give Lloyd's right arm to be able to take with a big fancy camera.

***also, we are back from vacation, yay!


Amanda Evans said...

Those photos are great! He didn't edit them at all? The corners look all perfectly shaded and everything!

Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

I think I need to put my camera in a ziploc would obviously help my pictures immensely! Great pictures!