Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dead Cat Recipes

Don't worry, this is not becoming a cooking blog. If it did, it would be the shortest and worst one in the history of the internet. Though I AM quite proud of the chocolate covered ant recipe we perfected a few months ago, and justifiably so, don't you think? Today, though, I whomped up something that tempted me into posting what passes for a recipe around here. It's mostly for Jennifer, so look away if you don't appreciate dishes made from giant onions.

The boys and I went over to see the fam this morning. Lloyd was fishing, of course. It's a sunny summer day, he has some friends and family in town, and there are still some creatures of the deep who have yet to face the wrath of his fearsome prowess. We visited a fabulous hippie festival, and we spent some time admiring the neighbor's garden. They were harvesting beautiful, gigantic red onions and gave me one. I came right home and made it into dinner, and I'm going to tell you how, because I'm sort of narcissistic that way:

Chop up giant onion, green part and all
Cook some pasta (I used spaghetti, but the bowties or something small would probably be better)
Cut a bunch of bacon into little pieces and fry until crisp
Take bacon out and set aside
Dump a couple of glugs of olive oil into bacon grease
Cook up two big handfuls of chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds at high heat until crisp
Set aside nuts with bacon
Cook chopped-up onion and some chopped or grated vegetables (I used grated zucchini and carrots) with a little sea salt and pepper in oil until done
Dump bacon and nuts back in vegetables and mix
Put mix over pasta
Grate parmesan or other hard cheese on top

Delicious, nutritious and full of bacony goodness! I suppose one could substitute sausage or chicken, but I'm a bacon fan, myself. This concludes this episode of 'Cooking with Dead Cats'.

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