Monday, August 22, 2011


We don't usually have too much trouble with bedtime; we just shut the bedroom door, put our earplugs in and have a few beers. Works like a charm! Oh, we get all the usual stalling tactics: 'I'm hungry!', 'I'm thirsty!', and 'I need to pee!' We try to get them in their room early, about 7:30, and we read books. Then they can read to themselves or play a little if they want, as long as they stay in their room and don't kill each other. They can come out to go to the bathroom or get some bread and butter, but no eye contact. It's true, I have low standards. But I'm also the one that can lay on my couch and drink beer, starting at 7:45. Yay me!

I'm not sure what was going on tonight, though, because I have been hearing some whoppers, even through the earplugs and Alaska Amber:

'I'm afraid of dying!'

'I need you to wash my feet!'

'He's not being kind! He won't let me sleep with my robot parts and my pillow pet!'

'I can't go to sleep until my green shirt gets washed!'

'I need a tissue!'

'I need a tissue, too!'

'I didn't get any boogers!'

'I didn't get any boogers, either!'

They're STILL awake in there, playing some seriously questionable game, and we're running low on beer. Things are not looking good, my friends. If you don't see any more posts from me, send one of those St. Bernards with the keg around its neck. Actually, send two, and don't bother waiting to see if I post again. HELP ME.


Jennifer McNeely said...

you need some allergy tabs, don't you hear them wheezing in there! Quick get the benadryl!! you are a bad mom if you DON'T give it to them, why make them suffer???
now they are coughing, all flehmmy!!! HURRY.

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha!!!!!! "no eye contact..." Bahahahahaa!!!!! my kids like to bring me the boogers they dug out so I can compare the size to the one they dug out LAST time. Gross. I know. :D Actually, that would mostly be my sweet Courtney... :D

C Mike said...

Maybe they're just repeating what they themselves have heard from behind closed bedroom doors?