Monday, September 12, 2011

New Blog Post

Guess what? September 11th is over, hurray! It sucked like usual, maybe even worse, what with all the attention, but now it's over. In an effort to put it behind me in every possible way, I am typing a new blog post, even though I have nothing new, interesting or entertaining to share. This approach is not without precedent; I did it here to bump a poem. Because I hate poetry. Not that you care. Hell, even I don't care, I'm just going for volume here. Also, please note the completely random and irrelevant photo. Nice touch, eh? Also, do you guys think I use too many commas? Please advise.

Since I'm here, I might as well write something. Anything, come on, come on! Let's see. Hmmmmmm..... We are getting some beautiful late summer weather. It's been crisp and fallish in the mornings, and sunny and hot in the afternoons. I'm getting tons of tomatoes now and made some fantastic lime cilantro salsa the other day. I ate it all with a spoon, too; it was that good. The brussels sprouts are starting to get buds; they're kind of weird. If you're not familiar with them, the little round heads that you eat branch out from the stem right above where the leaves attach. You can look at some pictures here. Phew! Eked out another line. I'll admit that brussels sprout photos are a pretty weak effort but I'm a take-what-I-can-get kind of girl.

How about work? I don't write much about work, and with good reason, believe me. If I got going, I might not be able stop myself before I hit 'publish post', and that would be VERY, VERY bad. Or very good; depends on your point of view, I suppose, like so many other things. But things are looking up. We got a new guy that I can give all my crap projects to, because he doesn't know any better. Not that I would do that; geez, people! It's not like me to take advantage of a poor schmoe like that, you should know that by now. The new guy has a name, of course; I just like to call him 'the new guy' because I'm so glad not to be the new girl/flunkie anymore. He's a retired Air Force engineer, some of you guys might even know him. If you do, don't you dare tell him I'm giving him all the tasks no one else wants. Because I'm totally not, and don't you forget it!

In other news, we have some promising new neighbors, way better than the penny thief family that lives up the street. They have two girls, the same ages as Weston and Shane, and the mom is Korean. She met her husband while he was there teaching English, and they are both super nice. I am definitely inviting myself over soon for some bibimbap, because it never comes out right when I make it. Maybe it's the bacon, though most everything can be improved by the addition of bacon, don't you agree?

Woohoo! Four semi-respectable paragraphs! My work here is done. I'm optimistic that my next post will actually be about something, but I'm not promising. Have a good week, and happy September 12th!

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Missy Thresher said...

When you invite yourself over for bibimbap, take a plastic container in your purse and bring some for me too! Thanks for making me smile almost daily Anna!