Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Is it just me, or is everyone WAY crazier than usual these days? I swear, I am going to stop listening to/reading/watching the "news". Have I said that before? I'm pretty sure that sounds kind of familiar. Anyway, I mean it this time. It's like we're living in some kind of bizarro universe where the three stooges are serious contenders for president, teachers and other public servants are lazy, greedy parasites with outrageously cushy jobs and unreasonable benefits, and Jesus would rightfully withhold healthcare from a sick kid in just retaliation for his parents' poor capitalism skills. Corporations enrich themselves on the backs of the environment and the increasingly marginalized and desperate labor force, then use the cash to lobby the congress and bribe the Supreme Court, all so they can make MORE money and pay less taxes. Our elected representatives battle amongst themselves like toddlers who all want the only Elmo toothbrush and can't even keep the government running and airports open while they wage unsustainable wars. Yet somehow, the guy that issues my passport and makes 40k and the school lunch program are the reasons we're awash in red ink?

I'm terrified that the next news I see will inform me that two plus two now equals 43,873, gay people cause hurricanes, and that the law of gravity has been suspended because the tea party thinks it might be socialist. Oh, I could go on. And on and on and on, but just thinking about it makes my head start to throb like it's about to explode, and then I just get exhausted and want to lay on my couch drinking beer. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I believe in moderation in all things, and too much beer/couch time will cut into my beer/screen time, so I'm on a mission, and I think you guys can help me out. Here's what I need: news that won't make me insane. More insane, I mean. My friend MeLissa has already come through, with this story from King 5 on cooking with the bug chef. Thanks, MeLissa! That's more like it. Put your suggestions in the comments or email me at womanwithadeadcat@gmail.com; my sanity is in your hands!

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Missy Thresher said...

So happy I was able to make you less crazy today. I watch the news so you don't have to Anna!